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Student Self storage without the hassle - Storage from only 20p per item a day


Going back home for the holidays or taking a few months out to travel the world? Convenient student storage at an affordable price. PingLocker provides all inclusive valet storage services across the UK, so you can simply order and they take care of all your storage needs.

Store as little or as much as you want, and choose from services including room collection and personal packing. If you have your own suitcases or other items to store, no problem if we can't store it no-one can. It's simple - We pick up, store, and bring back your stuff!

Collect, store, deliver. Simple.

Simple Pricing

All Inclusive Storage from a total of £149

What's included as standard:
✔︎ FREE standard boxes & tape
✔︎ FREE collection
✔︎ FREE insurance £50/item
✔︎ Store your own suitcases and boxes up to 70x50x40cm
✔︎ FREE Redelivery to the same address

Optional Options/Charges:
✔︎ Additional packing materials
✔︎ Room Collection Service
✔︎ Personal Packing Service
✔︎ Enhanced insurance options
✔︎ Store large items and furniture 
✔︎ Redelivery to a new address in the same city £35 
✔︎ Redelivery to another city or country

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size are your boxes?
- Our Medium boxes are 45x45x30cm and our Large boxes are 45x45x61cm. Our boxes are heavy duty double wall boxes designed for storage and removals.

Are your boxes and packing materials free?
- Yes with all orders we provide free standard boxes and materials to help you with your move. If you do not want to store or ship with us, you can also buy boxes and materials.

When will my boxes be delivered to me?
- We will deliver your boxes and materials on or before your selected delivery date. As soon as they are delivered we will let you know. We can not confirm a time, but these will be delivered before 18.00 on your selected date.

What time will you collect my storage?
- We can not confirm an exact time, but if your items are due for collection from Reception then please drop them off in the morning of your collection date. Our drivers typically collect between 09.00-22.00 daily.

Is there a minimum order or storage period?
- There is no minimum storage period, however our minimum storage cost is £149, this excludes any additional costs. Any promotional offer will be subject to the minimum storage value.

Can I store suitcases and other items?
- Yes, of course. You can store suitcases, and if you have your own boxes this is also OK. Other larger or loose items can also be stored, and are charged according to their size. Please make sure you attach a luggage tag with your order details on to each item.

Can I request a redelivery to another address?
- Yes. When you want us to redeliver your stuff, you will have the chance to confirm your new address. Redelivery to the same address is FREE and a new address in the same city starts from just £35.

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